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Moscato d'Asti docg
Our Moscato, the characteristic "nectar" of Monferrato, comes from the pregious vineyards in Santo Stefano Belbo hills and it is obtained with a patient vinification, supervised step by step with scrupulousness and with a special passion which only the small cellars are used to put in their work.
In fact, this wine so rich in a balance of fragrance-taste and marked by a refined elegance is a proof of this careful work.
Organolectic characteristics
Recommended food accompaniments: owing to its features this a wine which couples with desserts, cooked in oven pastries and leavened pastries such as panettone and pandoro.
Best consumption period: it does not present special problems, but the trend is to drink it still young.
Serving Temperature: 8-10° C.
Appearance: Strawy tending to soft gold yellow.
Nose: Fragrant, rich in fruity components.
Palate: Sweet, haromatic, it remembers the taste of Moscato grapewine.
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