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Gavi docg
A classic and fine GAVI. It is produced from the grapes of younger and middle age vines, which transmit the characteristics freshness that marks the wine out.
A patient vinification with an artisan's care results in the birthcof this wine rich in body and rotundity structure.
Organolectic characteristics
Recommended food accompaniments: As well as the classical dishes, more harmonic bouquet suggest it for all dinner. Ideal as an aperitif.
Best consumption period: At any time, without problems of duration.
Serving Temperature: 12-15 °C.
Appearance: Light straw colour.
Nose: Intense, fine and pleasingly, fresh, fruits.
Palate: Characterstic, long, marked out by an attractive lightly delicate.
Località Moncalvi 82, Rovereto - Gavi (AL)
Tel. + 39 0143 682112 - Cell. +39 348 8056991
p.iva 01771640065
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