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Obtained from the soft pressing of Barbera grapes, that are since time immemorial considered the symbol of Piedmont’s renowned noble scent of wine…
In the art of wine-making, getting in touch with scanty bunches of special autochthonous grapes they brought our red wine into being, a wine dedicated to those who know how to catch the particular hints it presents us with.
Organolectic characteristics
Recommended food accompaniments: it is ideal with tasty first courses such as “tagliatelle” with meat sauce, main courses with game, braised meats and 2-3 year-seasoned hard cheeses.
Best consumption period: wine for long aging, it is therefore recommended to wait for it patiently..
Serving Temperature: 20° C.
Appearance: quite strong ruby-red fading away with aging.
Nose: Fragrant, vinous and frutiy perfume with an agreeable scent of pink.
Palate: Dry, rich in body, acidity not aggressive, but rather soft.
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